The Ethical code

My starting point is that the client feels at ease. I provide a hygienic and comfortable ambiance.

At the start of the treatment of a new client, I make a treatment plan.

I treat all my clients and/or students with respect.
Without prejudice to race, religion, cultural or ethnic background, sexual orientation, physical or mental capabilities or socio-economic background.

I respect the Reiki principles and in my work as a Reiki Master/treatment practitioner, the importance of the client is central.

All information relating to a student or client is confidential.

I respect my students and clients in their own choices
I respect the personal freedom of my clients and/or students in the choice of Reiki Master, practitioner, therapist, and type of treatment, therapy.
If necessary I will advise the student or client to find another Reiki Master or therapist.
I never advise students or clients to discontinue or refuse a regular (medical) treatment.
I treat my clients/course participants with integrity.

I refrain from and do not suggest romantic and/or sexual relationships with my clients and students.
I abstain from an do not suggest all kinds of abuse such as abuse of money, abuse of power, etc.
I’m not abusing my position as a confidant.

I abstain from any activities that may affect the functioning of Reiki or harm the good name of Reiki and its practitioners.

I refrain from criticizing colleagues and limit myself to practicing Reiki with dignity.

I am constantly expanding my professional qualities and skills
I practice Reik on a regular basis, this can be by means of self-treatment, treatment of others, meditations, practicing the original Reiki techniques, etc.
I keep up to date with the latest developments.
I regularly follow activities related to Reiki such as Open Reiki, meetings, seminars, etc.

I am responsible for all my decisions
I’m responsible for all my actions.
I am responsible for the effects of my actions on society in general.

Reiki Belgium association is in no way liable for the actions of its members.